Preventing Summer Slide

Preventing Summer Slide

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Welcome to the July edition of our blog, where we are looking at Preventing Summer Slide.

So, What is Summer Slide?

Summer slide is the slowing down or decline in children’s learning over the summer holidays, if they are not keeping their brains active.  Children can lose months of reading, writing and maths skills over the summer months.  This learning loss can also be seen in language and social skills particularly in younger children.

Why is this a problem?

This often means that teachers start the first part of a new academic year re-teaching or revising the previous years content.  Therefore this means that no new learning can take place until knowledge gaps are filled.  Often children who suffer from summer slide or summer learning loss will end up behind their peers.

Covid-19 and Summer Slide

The combination of summer slide and the loss of learning due to covid-19 (self-isolating, school closures, and the effects on children’s mental and physical health), this last academic year could very well exacerbate learning loss (summer slide) this summer.

How to prevent summer slide?

Summer slide is preventable just keeping children’s brains active over the summer months; ensure that children return to school ready to learn new concepts and topics.

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