Bespoke Learning & Education – What does this mean in practice?

Bespoke Learning & Education – What does this mean in practice?

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Welcome to the June edition of our blog, where we are looking at Bespoke Learning & Education – What does this mean in practice?

At Serenity Education & Tutoring we offer bespoke learning and education, which is something I am extremely passionate about.  But what does this look like in practice? How could this benefit your child? How does it benefit our students, their skills, and progress?

In practice, this means that all our lessons are individually planned and with the students’ unique interests and target areas in mind.  This supports students to learn at their own pace, building their confidence and self-belief in their own abilities.  No one lesson is the same, our students are at the heart of everything we do, we encourage them to be involved in their education by choosing which areas they wish to cover, which targets should we aim for next. 

Not only does this result in good progress across the subject they are studying; it supports their wellbeing and promotes lifelong skills such as self-confidence, self-belief, resilience and perseverance, important for all aspects of learning in any context. 

Here are just a couple of recent examples:

 For our football mad year 6 we studied area and perimeter by measuring (to scale) football pitches from some of the biggest teams.  With their love of football ignited, they made short work of using the formula to discover which pitch had the greatest perimeter and which one had the greatest area. A formula they never forgot how to use for future lessons.

For our animal lover whose passion is to work with animals when they grow up – we have been studying our spag (spelling, punctuation and grammar) skills through learning about British Wildlife.  Using our new found skills to create fact sheets about a variety of species.  We have more recently been studying a wildlife story, which will enable the student to use their passion for animals, spag and creative writing skills to create their own wildlife story by the end of the summer term.

We also offer both curriculum and non-curriculum bespoke learning and education in a variety of subject areas.  For students’ not following the curriculum, we offer both structured learning and student-initiated learning sessions. 

At Serenity Education & Tutoring we believe in making learning a positive experience for all children regardless of ability.  Brilliantly summed up by one of our previous clients (for more testimonials visit our website):

“Nicola has provided very thoughtful, thorough Maths tuition for our son in year 6.  She has really been creative in the sessions, thinking of personally tailored ways to engage his interest.  She has a kind manner and has helped to build his confidence as well as his ability.  For a child who thought he couldn’t stand Maths, I’ve been amazed by how much he has enjoyed his lesson.”

If you feel that your child would benefit from tuition, please get in touch today to discuss your needs and requirements. Contact me on 07717845007 or

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